Workshops available for presentation:

  • Polyamory 101 – What is polyamory and why would I do that? It sounds like a lot of work!
  • Living a poly lifestyle – What’s life like being poly? What are some of the challenges and joys? We’ll talk about some of the details of how poly can work from solo-poly to rules for polyfi pods.
  • Organizing your poly – How are some of the ways you can organize your life to accommodate multiple partners? How can you make everything integrate dso you don’t get overwhelmed?
  • Poly households – Wait, you mean there are things to plan and consider before we all move in together? 
  • Raising children in poly homes – How does poly affect our kids? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having more than 2 parents? How do we help our kids process being poly and how do we approach co-parenting?
  • Negotiating opening your relationship – What are some of the pitfalls to avoid and benefits that your relationship(s) will get from being non-monogamous? How will I make sure I feel emotionally safe?
Spirituality and Paganism
  • Intentional life building – Your life is a manifestation of your will. This can be focused to make your life what you want it to be. 
  • Understanding self-protection in an unseen world – Shielding? Huh? Ever felt icky or drained around specific people? Ever felt overexposed and vulnerable for no reason? We’ll discuss and practice techniques that can help you protect and shield yourself on a recurrent and daily basis.
  • The root that touches the sky – Learning how to cycle and mediate your own energy is one of the first steps to being able to get calm in a storm. Join as we discuss and experiment with differing techniques on how to find your center and balance in an unbalanced world.
  • To be as the stars – We are all electrical energy. We’ll learn about the ways we are human transformers alone, in pairs and in groups.
  • How to merge with a Pagan organism – It’s cold and lonely without community. We’ll discuss and plan different ways to find or create your own worship group and community.
  • Faces of the Horned God – What are the different forms we attribute to the Horned One?
  • Dancing the Dream – Ecstatic worship is a hallmark of followers of the Horned God. Whether it be movement, song, or activity, how do you experience your religious ecstasy?
  • Spiritual Hedonism – How does the pursuit of ecstasy and joy mix with leading a spiritual life? You are supposed to suffer to actualize, right?
  • Spirituality and Power exchange – There is a personal journey for some to walk with the submission of self as a part of their spiritual journey leading to the gift of guidance and responsibility of safety to a Dominant. 
Alternative Sexuality
  • BDSM 101 – What is BDSM and why is it so fucking fun!?!?! What is a Dominant? A submissive? What does BDSM stand for anyway? Get the basics on BDSM and kink in this lecture and discussion class.
  • Pervertables – Kink from the kitchen drawer and elsewhere